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Two times

burning flesh

a reminder to wake

nearly upon the same place

Fresh in my mind,

“Wake again!”

Unhinged, pulling off and open

Dropping to cool air that comes

between a shift in seasons

I walked on tombs that speak in silence,

hollow in hesitation,

a bench on the brink of offering a seat

between giving and giving out.

I see you in rest

burdened not by buried bones

wanting to make of it

what makes of it on its own

a knowing that comes clear in consciousness

from heart to here

to a dimensionality that whispers in my ear

This is the place we meet

I hear you in a low hum drum

in dormancy

until taking heed what needs

They said

“Show me your left palm.”

Full faced and reversed to whom?

My last said

“I need you the most”

over and over again in sleepy smiles

reflected against cold surfaces.

Stopped, somehow in a flash

long too early to take root

earthquakes and cacophonic catastrophe

avoided by the full turn

“I accept” becomes a call we are settled to take

wanting to make of it

what makes of it on its own

burdened not by buried bones.

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