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Alas, Sin Miedo

I was learning the nuances of carpe diem

as I filled my spirit with more firsts

and many possible lasts…

When they said there was something to soak in

I felt myself saturated in life that wandered through

the lobby to the top tier of far from fearful

I learned the language of taking what I want

and giving what I will...sin miedo...

In the silence of my own stomach I resorted to the warmth

of words upon my skin

to the depth of your darkness within

I opened myself at the expense of your growth

and to the growth of my own

They said to carry on in karmic conversion

and when the unknown becomes as light as your

breath breaking into the sound of freedom,

that is where the sonic symphonies have settled scores

breaking barriers, along with every belief beyond the ties

they said would always be

As I pull strings through philharmonic firsts

and many parabolic lasts

I soaked myself in sheets that sacrificed

themselves to the the shedding of fear

as a portal to the presence within my own power.

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