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An excerpt from "Building Roots: A History of My Heart (an ongoing development)

I have always been an artist.

In terms of devotion to expression & creation.

Many times distracted for the purpose of pausing, to learn,

in abstraction,

and to understand,

to unlearn and to unravel,

always, to rise again

from a call and a heart so wild,

a force within us all.

There is a score we settle within our individual parameters...each endeavor,

a recovery and ongoing expansion.

of all the delicate crossings,

subtle, lightly brushing,

like the slow sway of hair immersed in water,

pulsing to the whim of every interconnected vibration,

a sound that reaches the frequency of nucleotides and neurons,

Of all these centralized circadian crossfires,

I give into submission,

so you create a space for me,

soft & stern.

There is a score we settle within the energy of our hearts…

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