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Aquifer Below

Swing high! Planetary pillage,

piled light years amongst us.

... Surrounded by debris that aches from expansion. ...

Wandering warriors.

... If they only knew of their warmth. Flashes fading faintly beyond their own beating hearts.




Lunar lashes.

Whipping in wild attempts to tame these earthly egos. Songs, starry-eyed and solar-powered.

Prismatically pulling at our universal pain. Dynamic division,

by systematically-structured-solitude. ...

Swing high sweet symbiosis!


In this time,

where words slip away to silence,


Saturated enough to soak through to the core of my voice.

My call,

hesitant and withdrawn.

Digital and subdued.

A mask muffled laugh, cry, cough.

Loud enough to turn heads...away.


Slow schedule,

just loose enough to cause an uneasiness amongst the masses.

Masterfully keeping tempo…

Trepidatiously tip-toeing in circles

Never the same cycle.

Spiralling inward,

to silence.

(The only form of revolt that seems to honor this death of what once existed).


Oh Solitude.


A collection of consciousness.

Past. Presence.

An aquifer below.

In respite and flow.

There I hold my lungs tight,

remembering how to breathe underwater.

Posture and prosperity.

Protection of my feminine.

Femme forbidden.

Here, I honor this condition.

The crossfire between a call and a caress.




a color that the night calls upon.

Flashing with every ricochet reflection.

Fearless to the degree of hope.

I remembered the feeling.

Intake and innuendo.

Bargaining with the elusiveness of exclusivity.

A solidarity of surrender.

Cavernous capacity.

Curated for connectivity.

Below, in aquatic care.

Siphoned to the surface.

Solar serenade and an evaporation...




to the pull of participation.


Riparian dream.

Washing my blues away.

Washed in the wetland of our eternal suffering.

Creekside salvation,

Come rain and I’ll be there,

rinsing my feet in your wading water.


Riparian dream,

rightfully waging upon my internal growth.

dividing lines and heartbreak

dividing property and perspective.

Living proof.

Come rain and I’ll choose a side

rinsing my pride in your humble forgiveness.


Riparian dream,

drought stricken

and somehow you rise from below

surfacing to the sun

solar serenade


Echoing across the canyon

a warmth in your voice

turning backwards

bending toward a space behind my heart


like the sound of a shell under pressure

I reminded myself of you...

Gentle heart.

Fierce force.

Skipping beats beyond borders,

brandishing a barrier begging to break down.

A field withering to completion.

A yield worthy of color that only light can appreciate...

Forward flow...




beneath a shaky breath.

Holding long toward a depth that only my core contains.

Combustible caress...

like the replication of fluid.

Majestic nucleoid and the ability to bind recombinant remnants

in a space that only life can call upon.


with a memory of the future,

and a feeling unforgotten.

Soft silhouette.

Thicker than it looks,

cracking backwards




and remembering to close my eyes.

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