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At the River 2021 ATX

We came upon the creek

in flux and in flow

the sound of song

and sun upon skin

through trees and leaves

like curtains

emerging with my children

open to the energy of bathing

in the falls of fresh water

in communion and community

A torso

at the edge of the bank

a shaking of the tambourine

and a voice in offering

staring in gratitude

for the bold and brave

who come to create

to play…

Then upon my feet in the water

rock and daggers

thrown by crowds and cults

in clouded conformity

eager to teardown

to destroy

to embark upon

harm and destruction

Tragic theater

in contempt and contamination

Bold eyes of the young in disbelief.

Bravery upon the man who stands and sings.

with rocks and theft and ridicule

the relentless suffering of another

who wages war

from the contention within their own hearts

Today my children saw in clear blue sky

the pain of persecution

the power in misguidance

the division

the silence

the rage.

I rose with you in song

I bathed in the water of battle and prayed for peace

I saw your light

in the wild amongst the masses

I swam in the solidarity of your sacrifice

and as these lost children

stumbled in age and lonesome congregation

my children grew to know

the illness of plague upon the flesh

within the depth of spirit.

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