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For Known Reasons

For some reason

tonight I prefer the rawness of pencil

it could be the raspy sounds that I chase

in attempts to translate feelings into words

the hustle to capture

and the swiftness of a loose grasp

a letting go of what truly is not mine to capture

a submission

to the fervent scratching

to the drawing of lines that barely seem to grasp

a concrete understanding

It isn’t a matter of trying…

It feels like a fight

a mechanical action and a resistance

that speaks of a sweetness

that only the buzzing of bees can comprehend

a slow, amber roll

pulling from a density yearning to travel

bound between the mercy of gravity and natural mobility

With each brush

against this seemingly smooth surface

I am reminded of intertwined fibers

ruptured like the shaking of the Earth from deep within

layered and placed under pressure

and upon the dryness of the atmosphere

a soft surface revealed

waiting to receive…

and tonight I prefer pencil

for reasons that know more than I.

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