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Forbidden Foreshadow

Mindful mismanagement.

May I please?

Serendipitous apologies,

the way a marble falls

and foregoes

a path...into placement

just sweet enough to sit still.

Savory in robust romanticism

Did I create this story?

The offering of your backside

begging for an embrace.

Inward in offering.

Familiar to what has been forgiven.

An alignment articulated into a sort of mastery

wading in sun and soft sand

looking beyond the horizon and back

to the place where there is union

a movement of wind and water

and Earthly collision

a breakdown so gentle

a build-up so absolute.

I promised not to write about desire

so onward to a compartment of cataclysmic collision

the kind that seeps through corners

and travels outward,

an absorption,

reminding me how to receive

reminding me of the enigmatic mastery

of time and travel

persuaded by the power of presence.

In pressurized complacency

and copious constriction.

Granting graciousness and full disclosure.

My offering is the rolling thunder

low and certain…

a promise of a downpour

and a washing away of clouded suspension.

A clarity upon inhale and a comfort upon release.

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