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Ground Zero


Sensory deprivation…

to a moment more than the sum of its parts

amongst habituation

and the way it feels to inquire

without resistance

or predetermined notions.

Reception to life

in creation and projection

stalling to resonance

and what ifs

to tender thoughts

cradled in a collective conclusion…

surprised by my bodily beckon.

Easy come, easy go?

Do you remember the birth of cool?

The heat from which it arose,

ground zero

where grass begins to grow

a replacement

propagated purposefully

in place of what came before

there is honor in entropy

and the way we expand...

and in the way we contract.


to the sense of my beating pulse

and this bodily beckon.

There may be no better metaphor

to the cancelling of culture,

cultured, to conclusion.

Easy to come,

less easy to go.

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