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Hypno Thought

Hypno thought

in calculation


to a version

of my contorted presence

currently in containment…

Mandarin orange

bleeding deeply into red fire

a blue wash of grey

a neutral placement that honors

the vibrancy of atmosphere

layered between the weight of ethereal equilibrium

the pressure of seemingly motionless flight

subdued behind clouds and distance

that meets my face in the wash of rivers

pierced in the physics of your proclamation

surface and scales

that shiver and shake

at the sweetness of your safety

and the certainty of your lips…

If ever there is a cooling of the heart

it will be in the way the wind

carries us in flight

from below

in the youth of play

through trial

in the perfection of error

a shift of the engine to silence

in a galvanized glide

amongst guardians and ghosts

in the taming of trepidation…

This is where I build roots

in the flight between truth and trust

in the voices of liberty and union

in the velocity of reparation and rapture…

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