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I Feel the Sea

I feel the sea

vast in its deepening,

my heart,

in wind that carries this moment

buoyantly along,

for the terror of tumult,

for the crystalized clarity of calm,

back and forth and boundlessly above,

in full breath,

to find myself

swollen and sunken below,

like buried treasure,

amongst life that carries on,

in submersion with the soft-bellied shells

that cling to my calcified construct,

in the salt of decay,

a breakdown that returns to tell the tale of memories,

in the parable of preservation,

maps that mark the path between meaning and mystery.

I promised to meet you here

in the depths of the Atlantic

and I feel myself rising beyond the wait

to islands that smile as the sun offers light

to the photosythetic forms that speak of transportation

in captured flow that feeds along its pathway

in cycles of coexistence and captivation,

in aquatic surround,

Earth that anchors the flight of my sadness,

in terrain that celebrates the beating of my feet

in swift movement,

a dance to commemorate,

soft in heavy steps

that thunder to life below

an outward vibration that signals to the sea

location and time,

a marking on the map

reminding you how to find me

cutting myself from strings

that bind me to ships in search of seemingly insatiable adventure

and as I find myself within my own,

I give thanks to the pirates in soft moments of taking

to the underbelly side of whales who gave warmth to the water

in birth and in battle.

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