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Por La Lluvia

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Rain. Comienza con la lluvia. Rinsing. Washing. Limpieza.

I look across el rio and see la ciudad

in movement, bridged between resistance y un sueño.

Color-coded emotion running deep.

She said to write you letters in my mind...todo el tiempo.

Running deep.

I look across the river y veo la ciudad.

So big and quiet.

Sin palabras…

I feel its energy.

Rain, tan suave y silenciosa.

A bridge between resistance y un otro momento

Heavy bass at the edge of the city o el lago or the bridge.

She said “espera junto al río” and to write you letters en mi mente y de mi corazón.

So I came to the river and waited.

Por la lluvia.

Across the creeks that feed the source from which we came

de las estrellas from which we gracefully fell

floating como pétalos offering themselves

to the waters in which nosotros adoramos

Washed, río abajo, from melting snow

making our way to grasslands and gardens

a las bocas de bebés

to salty seashores and sunken treasures

Aquí, en este momento, sin palabras

I look across the river y veo las corazones de la ciudad

in motion

beating and breathing

to the call of our great mother

to the warmth of the sun

a las espacios between then y ahora

Written by: Teresa Moralez

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