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Rising, Awake

Like the fall of freedom

there is a landing, suspended

in weighted reparation

the cost of insatiable hunger

the sort that calls you to pillage and plunder

lands that hold sacred civilizations

and lineages of

what it is to exist.

Dropping to the depths of scavengers

in desperate attempts to skim the spirits of their place

scraping in capture

shallow in resolution


in the water that boils deep within our bones

we feel the stripping of skin

and the electromagnetic frequencies of fatality

silent deaths at the forefront of imbalance

shivering at the break of dawn

at the fall of the sun

waking to the rise of the waves

crashing in cataclysmic catastrophe

in a call paradoxically promising

to forgive,

to retract

and to rise again

promising that this time will be different

but only if we answer the call

to love…

to care…

to trust that we are capable of great gentleness

and harmonic homage

that we take heed

to the way we connect…

and to the sacrifices

in which we participate.

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