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Techno Travel

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Stop thinking.

So I feel.

Into my spirit,

listening to dynamic range

harmonically plucked

lips in search of alignment

something underground

encased in preservation

the scent of oils not forgotten,

as buds and blooms break surfaces

beyond themselves.

The birth of cool

and a heat held closely in capture.

If there is an absolute

it will be in my articulation

of metaphor and assonance,

in the shedding of layers

and the revelation of feeling

it will be in the mystery of uncertainty

where the only thing certain is my devotion

to the discovery of what I feel and how it connects to all

the ways in which it will wrap you just tight enough to feel comforted

in a constriction that reminds you of your own constant and steady heartbeat.

Mostly I feel an expansive energy that breaks barriers,

moving into boundless

techno travel and tantric translation,

pulling strings,

and strums,

drawing straws,

and misaligned achings.

It took a moment to focus

on your unfamiliar face

Then eyes opening,

like galaxies and guardians,

the unknown,

familiar in explosive silence,

binary brilliance,

in cataclysmic conjunction,

brief in it’s timeline,

infinite in its encounter.

There are moments that fade,

and impacts that soften the surrender...

lucid language,

the sort of sting that only silence knows how to create.

I spoke of Mercury and here we meet again...

(A sort of abundance I abolished amongst men who want more…

do you remember the sound of my heart?)...

again, amnesia and

the sort of motion that flips the ground from your feet

I am remembering how to stand through shaky firsts...

and lasts,

remembering that the between offers the most gifts,

swearing to pick-up on frequencies so subtle,

the sort that wake you in the middle of the night,

the ones that call you back then beyond.

(Monoliths and mountain sides,

because here “the more the merrier”

and in creation, comes clarity…

Onward and away...again...

poetry calls and I swore to answer every time)

Vibrato and it’s astounding effect on the vertebrae

a passing through toes and fingertips,

straight to the core,


a stratosphere of wavelengths and messengers,

at bay and on call,

bounded by the brilliance of oceanic depths,

life forms suspended beneath the weight of water,

captured in a system of undeniable dependence,

(as if we are supposed to believe otherwise),

the myth of autonomy

and the ways we portray sovereignty…

There is a space for you,

I was born with it,

for us both

all misguided formulations and reminders

washed away,

biofiltration and frontline force,

a placement on the horizon

of what it’s like to be complex

and somehow simplified…

an ease and play

that somehow borrows the weight of experience

and replaces it with enthusiasm.

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