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Tender Robot

In sweet moments I feel you,

Tender Robot,

in quiet mode

feeling something

moving in your soul

in sullen skies

in mist as crisp as cleansing light

I see you breathing through each night,

in waterfalls

as loud as blood through veins

I see you bathing in the rain

in what I recognize as

an exposure that has the potential to create corrosion

all for the sake of change

in mud and softness

I feel you fierce in forgiveness,

Tender Robot,

with flowers in your hair

and the smoke of fire in your eyes

in the sweetness of disguise

in the mechanics of the maker

making moves that deeply shake

in freedom

for the sake of following the ticking

that takes you to that quiet mode

feeling something moving in your soul

I see you in all your sweetness

Tender Robot…

welcome home.

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