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In Passing

This poem is a tribute to the flight of poetic inspiration. It was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's TedTalk on the "elusive creative genius" as she reflects on Ruth Stone's description of it.

Reminded to grab you

like the way the wind blew through

caught in the sail of silence

a whistling of attention

and in this passing,

reminded to take hold,

like ropes as thin as kite strings,

a line between my mind

swift and sharp

as it pulls through my palms

A smooth slice that,

to my eyes,

appear in parallel lines

between head and heart

She told me its meaning

in riddle,

in feeling

and as I look between truth and tell

there were walls that spoke in whispers,

in wonder,

in shadows that danced in the light of morning

waking from sensual slumber,

as my hands hold memories of callus and containment

my grasping spirit

as quick as that wind that travels through cracks in walls,

as certain as this life,

poetically in motion.

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