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'Tis This Season

‘Tis this season,

in the holiest of spirits,

in the graciousness of the closure that comes upon our calendars

as winds are bringing fallen leaves and promises of dormancy,

I vow to remember this year different than the last,

I vow to wait in patience with the beauty of what’s to unfold.

‘Tis this season of presence…

and in this present moment, may I bare a heart from stone to flesh

in memory of a gift that keeps on giving

in hopes of unity despite our differences

in forgiveness forged to a sharpness that softens upon its puncture.

‘Tis this season,

in the wholeness of who we are

as we reckon to settle with the delight of joy and merriment

may we succumb to silence and celebration

may the light of spirit blanket our contentions

and wrap them with the sacredness of safe keeping

in the warmth of what lies ahead.

‘Tis this season,

in the holiest of spirits,

may we give in graciousness

through hands of gratitude and glory.

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